1. Got to peep one of Ron King’s in progress murals earlier this weekend. A huge inspiration to me and soon to be yours as well haha The “Who is Ron King?” Exhibit opens Sept. 5th @ 8pm on 6th nd Spring. #radiantchild #whoisronking #paris #berlin #melbourne #newyork #losangeles


  2. Listen/purchase: Honestly by The Delicates New Song!!!


  3. literalthots:

    Zine-ception! Our first cover (featuring the Brrrang-A-Dang DJs Adam & Romo playing a set) making it’s debut appearance next to the DJ turntables at a Ham On Everything party


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    Rooftop Series:



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    Instagram: lopez_byron
    Twitter: corrupptedminds


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  11. Listen to the split ep we made w/ our bros in Del Sesto. #LAGrunge #dirtydiy #svntwnty #svntwntybands


  12. The Delicates: Sludge & Lavender Trees basedjam:


  13. thedelicates.bandcamp.com


  14. 10 song split w/ Del Sesto dropping