1. Leftovers x Dark World x SVNTWNTY tonight. 10pm. Pharo & DJ Lucas. ham n eggs tavern (at Ham & Eggs Tavern)


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  3. Leftovers x Dark World x SVNTWNTY tomorrow night @ Ham n Eggs tavern. Extremely rare dj lucas set in LA. Doors at 8. Music at 10. Free.


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    my bae shroomingwithyourspiritguide killin it at Lot 1 last night.


  7. Tonight! #LAGrunge Lot 1 Cafe in Echo Park. Free show. We arent playin but most of thr bros are so come support.
    Negro Galacticus x Brannigans Law x Del Sesto x Leaking Pigs x The Kidneys #LAGrunge


  8. El Mattador x A$VP YOLO based freestyle i nean really rappers just quit destroy rap omg


  9. A$VP YOLO x El Mattador based freestyle in chyrsler 300 dang bro very exquisite fine art based wow


  10. Kenia’s BDAY
    Brought to you by 4-Loko


  11. www.svntwnty.com/sessions head on over to check out the svntwnty podcast feat. Music from us and friends. Plus rare ass cowboy island interview nd mo shizz. #LAGrunge #svntwnty #maxtecLA


  12. In a couple weeks we’ll be playing What Fest!? This might be our last show of the year so come by enjoy the bands artists and food. And free jarritos ayeeeee


  13. Death of a Delicate “Alexandria Medley”:


  14. The Delicates Based Freestyle for What Fest!?:


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