2. Hanging out w the bro before our set at Project Art last friday. Despite our set being pushed to midnight nd shit we still had buttloads of fun s/os to @rolandoriggio for having us #drunkselfies #projectart #svntwntyband #LAGrunge (at MCAU Gallery)


  3. Tonight! 220 s.Glendale. Echo Park. Free. Starts @ 4 we’re up at 7:40! This is our last west coast show till winter! (at MCAU)


  4. darkw0rld:

    dark worlds dj lucas on the 720 stage at what fest - dj lucas young mr clean spinning some tracks


  5. Contrarian Thinking

    American Apparel

    Echo Park


  6. SVNTWNTY LIVE 001 // DJ LUCAS // Los Angeles CA /…:


  7. Lil B - No Black Person Is Ugly *MUSIC VIDEO* MOS…:


  8. boycat95:

    home depot


  9. We’re on the svntwnty stage at 6:50. Feel the energy.


  10. Are you ready for what fest this saturday? We gonna be up on the SVNTWNTY stage at 8ish. You in the pit and you not moshin you gettin a chin check. (at Chuco’s Justice Center)


  11. Dj Lucas x El Mattador x A$VP YOLO based freestyle in nissan pathfinder wow parking in dtla very intuitive dang


  12. Leftovers x Dark World x SVNTWNTY tonight. 10pm. Pharo & DJ Lucas. ham n eggs tavern (at Ham & Eggs Tavern)


  13. negrogalacticus:


    (via boycat95)


  14. Leftovers x Dark World x SVNTWNTY tomorrow night @ Ham n Eggs tavern. Extremely rare dj lucas set in LA. Doors at 8. Music at 10. Free.


  15. My new sounds: