1. thedelicates.bandcamp.com
    #35mm #blackandwhite #pentaxP30 #anonymous


  2. bodysnatchers-band:

    Giveaway! stay tuned.
    Within the month we’ll be doing a T-Shirt giveaway event right here on Tumblr, keep your eyes peeled for details


  3. bodysnatchers-band:

    Live @ The Smell

    Free Jobs
    Dike Cut
    (filmed by Hunter)


  4. bodysnatchers-band:

    Come check this out! This friday the 12th!

    Only 2blocks from the Metro Link washington station


  5. Head to www.svntwnty.com/shows to peep a snippet of the first couple songs we played at the svntwnty show last April


  6. My new sounds:


  7. thedelicates.bandcamp.com #thedelicates #35mm #blackandwhite #occultabstract


  8. svntwnty.com


  9. thedelicates.bandcamp.com




  11. bodysnatchers-band:

    We’re so stoked to be playing with The Crazy Never Die for their record release show!
    doors open at 8pm and Sunstar kicks off the show at 8:30!

    If everything times out right, we’ll be having a merch table with Shirts for the first time ever! Limited to 50, dont miss out


  12. bodysnatchers-band:

    Link to two demos. keep posted for more and an EP


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    cecilia carlstedt.jpeg

    (via natalyacardenas)


  14. hundred-akerwood:

    I thought you died alone

    a long long time ago


  15. My new sounds: