1. Kenia’s BDAY
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  2. www.svntwnty.com/sessions head on over to check out the svntwnty podcast feat. Music from us and friends. Plus rare ass cowboy island interview nd mo shizz. #LAGrunge #svntwnty #maxtecLA


  3. In a couple weeks we’ll be playing What Fest!? This might be our last show of the year so come by enjoy the bands artists and food. And free jarritos ayeeeee


  4. Death of a Delicate “Alexandria Medley”:


  5. The Delicates Based Freestyle for What Fest!?:


  6. maxtecla:



  7. lopezbyron:

    The “Spring” side of DTLA



  9. thedelicates.bandcamp.com


  10. Another awesome artwalk! Head over to www.svntwnty.com to listen to the debut podcast we got some music in there! Thanks for all that came. We Are One. (at DTLA Artwalk)



  12. 334 s Main St suite 1101. Community art workshop and svntwntypodcast debut. Acrylics, brushes and paper provided by @svntwnty 7pm. Free. Lets hang and draw! #dtlaartwalk #svntwnty


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    Free Humanity (3)


  15. maxrulezeverythingaroundme:

    Thursday Night! Downtown Los Angeles!! Art – Music – Community!!!
    Join Us for our Listening Party & Collective Art Mural :)



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